Women Who
Mean Business

Print, web, motion graphics, art direction

The theme for Women Who Mean Business was "A lasting impression." The theme was decided on a couple months in advance, giving me the time to design and order custom stamps for each honoree. To create the cover, each woman stamped their name on a sheet of paper that had the "WWMB" logo on it, and a photo was taken of that piece of paper. The wraparound is a composite image, and the shot of the stamps and ink pads was merged with the photo of paper. I worked with our photographer to decide on black and white photos to give the portraits a timeless look and let the color of the stamps pop.

I also carried the theme across to two GIFs for Instagram and Twitter and designed the webpages for each of the honorees, which included hand-coded pull quotes.

Watch the video for a narrated tour or click here to visit.